Web Design and Development for ECiggy UK Limited

ECiggy UK Limited stocks a range of Electronic Cigarettes, E-Liquids, Starter Kits and Accessories. These products are available to purchase from their stores throughout the north of England or via their website nationwide.

WorDesign formed a relationship with ECiggy UK back in 2013 and continues to this day.

They came to us with an existing E-Commerce solution that wasn’t working for them and required some improvement.  We were more than happy to help with our expertise in web design.

ECiggy UK Web Design Project

ECiggy UK Web Project

Web Design

The original website was a very basic featureless catalogue of products that wasn’t performing well in promoting the ECiggy UK brand or products.  The solution was a total redesign of the website.

A major issue was the mismatch between the high street stores and ECiggy UK’s online operation. To potential customers unfamiliar with the company, the lack of uniformity across all platforms gave an impression that the online and offline parts of the business were unrelated.  Wor-Design carried out design work to bring the website inline with the high street stores.  This included the digitising of the company logo in way that displays beautifully on today’s range of screens and technology, and incorporating the company colours in the design to produce a high quality sleek look for the new website.  New features added included an advert carousel and high quality product images.  The new design and features have proven to be incredibly popular with customers and staff.


It was clear that the website was experiencing usability issues from the number of abandoned shopping baskets.  Therefore, we carried out a usability analysis and produced a report detailing the issues that needed to be addressed.

Acting on the report, the hierarchy of the website was completely changed along with the way the products and pages on the site were categorised.  A new menu system to compliment the hierarchy was implemented.  As result shopping cart abandonment fell considerably.

Responsive Design

Of huge concern is how websites display on the multitude of devices those potential customers have at their finger tips, particularly mobile phones.

ECiggy UK’s original website made no allowances for this and analytics data showed a large drop off from customers using mobile devices.  Our solution was to develop a responsive website that displays on all devices in a way which is not detrimental to the overall experience of the site.  The proof was in the analytics here when the website experienced an increase in orders from mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Critical to the success of any business is the marrying up of potential customers with the goods and services it provides.  SEO plays a key part in that especially when the first port of call is increasingly an internet search engine.

ECiggy UK found they performed poorly in search engines for basic terms.  Most disappointing were searches carried out using a Product Name and a specific Shop Location.  For example: e-cigarettes Middlesbrough.

Wor-Design embarked on a process of improving the visibility of the website in search engines.  Without giving the game away too much, this involved changes to pages/products and how search engines view them along with the promotion of the website in relevant forums.  The result being ECiggy UK now ranks number one for the term: Electronic Cigarette and all variations on their store locations.

Now the Results Are In

Today ECiggy UK has a thriving online presence and business which is still improving.  Online revenue has increased 4 times since our partnership formed and through an ongoing arrangement we continue to development and manage their website successfully.