LaLoca Beauty

We love working with new start-up businesses and when we were contacted by Laloca Beauty we were more than happy to help with our services and advice.

Laloca Beauty is a beauty salon that required an informational website combined with dynamic content in terms of the ability to post news stories and to add, update and amend a price list. They also required some branding and logo work and the ability for potential customers to contact the site.

Laloca Beauty Logo

Laloca Beauty Logo

WorDesign created a logo and look for the website that was in keeping with the ethos of Laloca Beauty and matched with the décor of the salon. A simplified version of a content management system (CMS) was used to allow the client the ability to add news stories to the site. In addition to the CMS we developed a bespoke plug-in to the site that allowed the client to manage a dynamic price list. The ‘price list’ plug-in allows the management of categories and services with prices. An online form was developed so that customers and potential customers have a means of contacting Laloca Beauty via the website.

The client was ultimately very pleased with the solution and feels that the website gave the business a great grounding.